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Judge Information from USDF

         USDF Intro, Freestyle, Sporthorse and Quadrille Tests for Downloading

USDF Technical Council
                    committees of Judges, Technical Delegates, Show management,
                       Instructor/Trainer and L Education

  USDF Judges Committee

       USDF Information on Judge Continuing Education

                   includes information on how to organize, grants and application
                            and information about the L Education Program

USDF Information about "L" Education Program
                   includes forms and documents and current calendar

Tune In to USDF "L" Education Program BLOG
                   Blog from USDF L Program Liaison

  USEF Educational Opportunities Online with eTRAK

Judges' Council - Concerns Committee

         Do you have any concerns regarding Judging Requirements, questions, etc.
        Please feel free to contact me at

Developed forms for your use

                 Initial Contact Form

Contract Form

Judge's Receipt Form

        Judges' Tips, and Show Management Exchange

Show Management Talks to Judges

               Judges' Talk to Show Management

Hints to Judges from other Judges


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